Vandercook No. 3 help needed

I have been away from my shop for almost 3 years. In that time I have managed to forget what I knew about edition printing on my Vandercook No. 3. It has an “interesting” roller system, different from most other Vandys.

I find it is inking part of the lockup bar (!) when off impression! I can’t seem to get the roller assembly into proper position. It does ink OK when on impression… but I can’t describe how wonky those rollers feel. I am sure I have not placed them properly. Paul Moxon’s book doesn’t seem to have a thing about the No. 3 roller assembly. Not sure where to go from here!

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I think we need some pictures!

I think we need some pictures!

All three editions of my book include an illustration of a No. 4 bottom frame, which, as stated, applies to height adjustment on the No. 3 as well as other framed form rollers (15-21, 219, 320, etc.). The third edition also shows an illustration of the oscillator and the rubber feed roller for a No. 3.

To make height adjustment to any framed form rollers, loosen both middle lock screws, then turn the front and back screws, on one side, in small increments, then adjust the other side. The objective is to keep the gap between the frame and the bearing bars parallel.
If you turn the front screw to the right (to raise) more than the back screw that back screw will rise above the frame. To correct this, turn the front screw to the left (to lower until the back screw drops level with the frame.
If adjustment is still difficult, the lock screws may have been insufficiently loosened and/or the screws and assembly need to be cleaned and oiled.

Thank you Arm & Paul— the problem is not roller height adjustment but something more basic. I no longer understand roller installation the way I did. On the No. 3, the distribution roller assembly comes out for cleaning. I feel that the inking roller assembly is not seated correctly.

I tried uploading a photo but the BP site did not accept it even after I removed the file extension and that pesky period. I will take more today and see if the cranky website will accept those!

Many thanks!

PS Paul, I have the 1st edition. Sure wish I had that 3rd edition illustration!

Marjorie, when I’ve had difficulty uploading pictures to BP it’s because they’ve been too big. If you compress the image size it usually works better.