Diamant Hogenforst Treadle Platen

I have for a reluctant sale a Diamant Hogenforst treadle platen, it is totally complete, just the rollers need recovering. The press has 3 chases, some furniture and quoins. The printing area is 13 x 9 inches. I have owned this press for the last 42 years, I purchased this when I was an apprentice Compositor in 1978.
The press is totally original apart from the table (I replaced this with solid white oak), 6 screws (fastening the new table to the frame), 2 bolts (holding the table frame to the main body), and 1 grub screw (on the treadle pedal). The press has a nice smooth action and is as good today as it was when I first purchased it.
The press is currently living in my kitchen, I would keep it if I had the space.
I am open to sensible offers.

This will need collecting, you will need a couple of people at least and a van, I will assist in stripping it down to the bare minimum and be available for any advice on rebuilding and setting up.

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