10x15 Chandler and Price, New Series Press

10x15 Chandler and Price, New Series Press
Serial# C64708, 1923

It is in perfect working order and does a beautiful job of printing.
• Brand new—never used motor (purchased in 2012 to replace vintage motor but only printed small quantities and used foot treadle instead—motor will need to be connected/wired).
• Foot treadle, 3 rollers/trucks in excellent condition, 1 extra set of older rollers and trucks, 2 chases in good condition. Boxcar base (2 6x9 Deep Relief Boxcar Bases), Kort adjustable gauge pins, various ink, tympan, and roller setting gauge.

$2,750 OBO—Nashville, TN

Flywheel will need to come off to get through the door. Removal is the responsibility of the buyer. This press weighs about 1,500 lbs—it’s on skids.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this press, but I’m just not using it much and space is at a premium, so it’s time to let it go to the next caretaker.

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