Miehle V36, AB Dick 9810 xc

Well-cared for Miehle V36 and AB Dick 9810 1-color, priced to sell.

Have lovingly taken care of both units for ten years. Marketing at our company has changed, and we are no longer in need of presses.

Miehle V36 has two sets of complete rollers (one set is brand new in box), spare electrical motor. Also comes with full chase set, and numerous sucker feet (including new Bigfoot suckers). Runs great, although the diaphragm that controls the autofeed cut-out is a little sticky (but not essential to the operation of the machine. Not a complicated or expensive fix, just needs some hours). Not that you need it, the press doesn’t miss a feed; compression is good.

AB Dick 9810 1-color has a set of rollers on it with less than 100k impressions, blanket is the same. Has aftermarket powder spray affixed to the receiving end. Runs smooth.

$1,000 each. Take both for $1,500. Will throw in a heavy-duty electric East-German guillotine for $200 more. Roll-up ground-level door, buyer arranges transportation.

Call or text if you have any questions, happy to show the equipment to interested parties.

Southern California

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