Complete Letterpress Shop: Discount Priced Lot

Small but complete letterpress print shop in Laurel, Maryland, for sale at a bulk bargain price: all you need to set up and operate your own personal boutique letterpress printing operation in one specially priced lot purchase.

Features three easy-to-operate presses (two classic 3x5 table-tops and a small flatbed floor press); a large but practical array of high-quality metal type; type cabinets and cases; galley trays; furniture, reglet, leads, and slugs; assorted initials and borders; a variety of cuts and decorative blocks; and a concise package of other essential, well-cared for vintage printing equipment and materials.

I’ve used this equipment and these materials for over ten years to print cards, invitations, booklets, signs, posters, and ephemera. I also used this equipment in the studio during a two-year residency teaching letterpress workshops at Maryland Hall in Annapolis. Now I’m moving to a smaller space and I want to share this beautiful equipment with artists and craftspeople who would prefer not to spend the years and the premium prices required to build a working shop through individual purchases.

For pickup only, with buyer responsible for moving in a timely fashion. I’ll be happy to consult with you on details and help ensure a smooth move.

A more detailed listing, showing the already discounted prices from which the bulk 20% final discount price is derived:

1. Kelsey 3x5 tabletop press (excellent working condition) w/wooden base - $350
2. Kelsey 3x5 tabletop press (excellent working condition) w/no base - $300
3. Rollers for Kelsey presses (like new) - $50
4. Challenge Flatbed 8 ½ x 14 Proofing Press (excellent working condition) - $750

Metal Type (some like new, some barely used, some moderately used, all in excellent condition) – (rounded @$50 per font) $2,000

1. 84 pt Huxley Vertical (ATF)
2. 36 pt Caslon
3. 36 pt Caslon Italic (ATF)
4. 24 pt Caslon Open Face (BB&S)
5. 18 pt Caslon
6. 18 pt Caslon Italic
7. 14 pt Caslon
8. 12 pt Caslon
9. 36 pt Cloister Bold
10. 36 pt Cloister Bold Italic
11. 24 pt Bodoni (ATF)
12. 12 pt Bodoni
13. 12 pt Bodoni Italic
14. 10 pt Garamond Light
a. Garamond Light Italic
b. Garamond Bold
c. Garamond Bold Italic
d. Garamond Small Caps
15. 12 pt Garamond Light
a. Garamond Light Italic
b. Garamond Bold
c. Garamond Bold Italic
d. Garamond Small Caps
16. 8 pt Copperplate Gothic
17. 10 pt Copperplate Gothic
18. 14 pt Goudy Bold
19. 14 pt Goudy Bold Italic
20. 24 pt Goudy Bold
21. 36 pt Goudy Initials
22. 18 pt Bernhard Gothic Heavy
23. 18 pt Commercial Script
24. 18 pt Kaufman Script
25. 18 pt Hearst Initials
26. 24 pt Fashion Condensed
27. 24 pt Stymie Extra Bold
28. 36 pt 429 John Alden Initials
29. 36 pt Onyx
30. 36 pt Alternate Gothic Condensed
31. 72 pt Antique Condensed no. 52 (BB&S)
32. 48 pt [unknown] (UK/Caslon Foundry)
Type Cabinets
1. Hamilton 12-case metal cabinet, metal top, cases metal/wood interiors - $150
2. Hamilton 12-case metal cabinet, no top, cases metal/wood interiors - $100

Furniture and Spacing
1. Hamilton Furniture Cabinet (full) - $350
2. Hamilton Reglet Case (full) - $400
3. Hamilton Lead Spacing Case (full) - $300
4. Leads and Slugs: 10 pt, 12 pt, 14 pt, 18 pt, 24 pt, and 36 pt - $100

Miscellaneous (Bonus)
Galley trays (fit flatbed press), assorted composing sticks, pica rulers, coppers and brasses, ink and brayers, plus assorted borders and cuts: must-have supplies – (app. $500 value): FREE

[Total pre-discount $4,850]
- 20% discount (rounded down) = $3,500

(photos or Zoom tour available on request)

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