Women in print

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Here in the UK in the 1950s printing was pretty much entirely a male trade, with the exception of a few feeeding hands on the machines, the ladies in the forwarding side of the Bindery, the Bosses Secretary and one or two in the Accounts Department.
Change came slowly, and I do recall being asked in the 1960s - as one of the older office staff, by the Personnel department. if I minded having a lady appointed above me, They really expected me to object. In fact she became a firm friend, and I supported her in overcoming some slight
unhappiness in others of the older generation. She later moved on to Northern & Shell Ltd, a very large publisher/printers and she wanted me to accompany her.
However the computer platemaking content of that
new situation was beyond me - old dogs new tricks etc.
The private press movement over here nowadays is very substantially run by ladies.

harrildplaten - this is a lovely story to read today.. I am a relatively new member of the professional printmaking community, and have always felt a bit strange being such a young woman in a community run by older men. I like to hear that your friend made her way through and has flourished in this community. Thanks for commenting.