Treadel C & P

Does anyone have plans, blueprints, and or diagrams, for a treadel. I would like to make one for or my Chandler & Price 8x12 any information would be greatly appreciated. Mine is motorized. But I’ve operated a friends presses with treadel and it seems much more relaxing.

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Does your press have the original crankshaft or a straight shaft? If you have the crankshaft, you could even make the treadle and connecting rod out of wood. (Can you measure from your friend’s press?)

If the press has a straight shaft (usually because someone dropped the press and broke the shaft), then it’s not treadle-able without major work, that is, finding a replacement crankshaft and installing it. (These are parts 12 and 12 1/2 in the C&P “New Series” parts book.)

You can buy one over at Hern Iron Works. They are on sale.

Cool, that’s good to know.

Good idea, I’ll take measurements from friends’ presses. And yes it does have a steel dropped forged crankshaft, in pristine condition. Likewise thanks for the information about there asking $429. for a treadel. Perhaps if I found an original I could get a local forge to make me a casting?