A well established printer in Minneapolis, Blanks/USA ,has gone into voluntary bankruptcy with their liquidation sale this past Dec. 16. Of note were 4 Heidelberg Windmills, 2 Miehle Verticals, 2 Ludlow type cabinets, and a Kluge EHD 14x22. up for auction. Unfortunately, they didn’t appear to have any Kelsey 3x5 presses. I have no idea what any of this stuff went for but the pictures showed some good looking machines. The auction house, Thomas Industries, did their usual botch job and listed the Heidelbergs as “15” x 18” an(d) 12” x 15”, so your guess is as good as mine. The point being that a number of printers, both small and large, are being impacted by the Covid disaster and their plants are being junked or the equipment sold off at incredibly low prices. Blanks/USA had all this letterpress equipment but never mentioned it in their website. Thomas Industries puts out printed brochures of their auctions, contact is

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