packing… (again!)

I know that its been discussed here in the past years… but now, in these changing times; where can i find reasonably priced pressboard for my bsmt shop?? File folders found at Walmart feel as cheepo/flimsy/porous as can possibly be, even by today’s standards !! Surely there’s still good stuff around !? Or any suggestions for substitute/alternatives readily available on the market ?? (ex: how does fish-paper (also called vulcanized fiber) fares?) many thanks, just as smiles. pierre*

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Gane Bros Bookbinding Supply carry Press Board as does American Graphic Printing Supplies

I like dealing with Bar-Plate, good selection of pressboard

Don’t forget NA Graphics has pressboard also.

typenut FYI- Gane Brothers was sold last week (!) to

Like I didn’t now that, but they still Trade as Gane Bros. as does LBS trades as LBS

Well, *I* didn’t know that, nor was I aware of Gane Brothers as a supplier. Too many traditional suppliers are going away…

I’ve not found pressboard at Ganes Brothers.

If someone knows otherwise, could you post a link to their pressboard page?


scroll down you see it

Back when I bought, Gane was wholesale, and I got a carton. For less than a lifetime supply I’d try NA or Bar-Plate; today, American Printing Equipment seems to be out of stock.


If you read NA Graphic’s explanation about the availability of red pressboard, you will see it seems they don’t have it on hand, either. And, .20 board is not what my shop prefers anyway. It’s too thick.


many thanks to all….. I decided to buy from NA Graphic’s, and thus also support the “industry” !! (lest it becomes extinct… ) Thanks for the suggestion Michael.. i’ll order a pack of assorted Non-Slip Hard Packing (among other goodies ! ;-) )

Michael, Bar-Plate has 14 pt. pressboard.
Hope this helps. -Bruce