Heidelberg Windmill Lay Bar Gunked Up & Won’t Move

Hello friends. I’m looking for some advice in getting the lay bar freed up on a windmill that sat for a while.

(Please point me to a post that already has this, or I’d be happy to hear your thoughts here)

I’m new to this press, but have printed on a C&P 10x15 for 10 years. After reading the manual many times, and walking through it step by step, I was trying to practice feeding paper with the guides - only to realize the lay bar isn’t moving at all and knurled handle can barely be moved by hand.

I believe the last owners used the press for foil stamping and printed without guides. The press sat unused for about 15 years in a printshop. It needs to be oiled badly. I just got a bucket of extra heavy oil this week, waiting on the oil gun to come, but planning on oiling everything very well.

Do you think simply oiling it would free it up? Or do you think starting with something else (like WD-40, Fluid Film, Brake Cleaner), then cleaning it up and oiling it, would work better?

Press: 1972 Heidelberg Windmill Red Ball 10x15

Thank you in advance!

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I would use wd40 to free up stuck parts. Clean and oil to keep it free. I’ve owned 7 windmills and never ran into a lay bar that wouldn’t work after cleaning & light oiling. Good luck!

First what bppayne said. I like AeroKroil Penetrating Oil. I would use WD40 or AeroKroil to loosen but AeroKroil or something else to lubricate after the fact. If the knob is not engage you should be able to move the bar by hand. The best point I have found to engage and disengage the knob is just past full impression or closed platten. I would move it all by hand not by feeding. If something is just frozen you might break it if you force it. If you trace the moving parts for the bar’s drive along the left side and front underside of the platten and get them all cleaned up and working freely it may be OK. It is also possible that they broke some part or spring.

WD-40, Kroil, Liquid Wrench,or even carburetor cleaner for really solid gunk. Always oil after degunking.

Thank you bppayne, western411 & zbang, I appreciate the info — will give it a try! Will report back on what works. Hoping they didn’t break anything…any tell-tale signs if so?