Kluge Press Feeders.

Hello list.
I’m looking for some Kluge feeder experts to take a look at some pictures of a press with a feeder to see if tall the parts seem to be there. I know it’s near impossible to tell by just looking at the pics. But, like the major stuff. I know I can remove and hand feed but I have enough hand fed presses. I need one with a feeder. I can e-mail or message to you. Anyone?
Thank you,
Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press

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i would be happy to look at any pics and help you. i have 3-4 feeders here for parts.

Ericm here ya go. Meant to send off list but this may be better anyway. Thanks for looking. Inviting all to weigh in.
Thank you
Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

image: Image10.jpg


image: Image9.jpg


image: Image8.jpg


image: Image7.jpg


image: Image6.jpg


image: Image5.jpg


image: Image4.jpg


image: Image3.jpg


image: Image2.jpg


image: Image1.jpg


k. well get it hooked up and oiled up, then we go from there. Don’t forget to level and balance it.

Thanks Ericm. Appreciate it.

looks good from what i can see

Thanks Scott. Hope others will chime in.

I’m not an expert but I notice when I compare your picture #10 to our old press that the jogger system under the receiving table is different. On ours the table moves down automatically making room for more stock and there is an arm that moves over and taps the next sheet in to place so that when you pull the stock out it’s already neatly stacked. Perhaps yours is just a different model but I thought I’d point that out.

image: Kluge Automatic ink press.JPG

Kluge Automatic ink press.JPG

i have found the auto down feature is rarely used. the side jogger is nice, but was/is an option.

The tip off is that this is a three roller press, so a C & P with a Kluge feeder. This variant does not have an automatic receding delivery table. There are some other differences as well, such as the C & Ps being equipped with the steel feeder arm, among others. They pretty much run the same though.

Appreciate all the tips. Anyone else?

I ran one for years; they are very reliable, almost indestructible. I had the 12 x 18 C&P (built in 1917) with the Kluge feeder. More reliable than a modern computer, and you don’t have to worry about updates!