Taking Care of Wood Type

Good morning everyone. Sorry I’ve been posting so much, I’m finding myself neck deep in questions around presses and type.

I recently received several cases of Hamilton type in a trade, and it’s all in pretty good shape. I’ve heard that there is a proper way to store and to condition type, and things to avoid like excessive humidity and the like. I’m sure this has been discussed before, but would like to ask again as one consistent forum—

What are all of your experiences with having wood type?

How do you store them, and what should I avoid?

Thank you all for your time.

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Wood type is sealed with shellac. Do not use alcohol as your solvent. Use cheap mineral spirit paint thinner.
Do you want to display clean, clean, cl

Get some ink on your shirt.


Two incomplete posts above.
I am having trouble with a different computer.


Just use the type. I wipe it up with kerosene which doesn’t seem to disturb the shellac but does upset the borer which seems to be ubiquitous in cases..