Thoughts on C&P Pilot?

Hi all,

I’m interested in getting this C&P Pilot (see photos) but am curious about the handle. It broke and was repaired some time ago. Is this common? Will it hold up? Appreciate any information or suggestions. This would be my first press.


image: IMG_1044.jpeg


image: IMG_1046.jpeg


image: IMG_1047.jpeg


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It’s a really odd-looking repair, like they welded most of another handle on to make it longer… It might be something you could find a replacement for. Try talking to T&T about repairing it properly.

This company makes new handles:

I sold a pilot a while back that had a fix like that (though a bit better weld!) didn’t change how it printed.

My Golding Official #4 also has a rewelded handle, though it’s a lot more elegantly done (you have to strain to see that it’s been fixed).

Sarah, your press lever appears to be the correct length. but that is a very unattractive repair. We can provide you with a brand new lever made of steel - Defelice (in lieu of cast iron) provided your press yoke has the Woodruff key slot milled into the stub shaft at the 12:00 position. I can’t tell from the photos if your press is a NS or an OS.
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Okay, closer examination of photos … it is a n O.S. Pull the lever off and take a look at the shaft to determine the presence of the key slot.

Thanks everyone! This is all really helpful. Seems that the press lever is more of an aesthetic concern than a functional one. Good to know there are replacement options.

Tom — I’m going to check out the press in person and see about the key slot. Stay tuned!