Monumental Rotary No.2 Press

Hi Friends and Neighbors, I have a wonderful rare platen press that we are restoring and wonder if anyone has one or has seen one. Conversations a few years back with J. Horn lead me to believe there are only 4-5 of these in existence. Any info is much appreciated. Plate reads Monumental Rotary No. 2. Manufactured by J.F.W. Dorman, Baltimore, MD and there is also an imprint on the side - see photos. Approx 1890s? I got this one in Chicago about 12 years ago, brake and feed boards are not re-attached yet. Thanks Julie

image: IMG1845.jpeg


image: IMG1840.jpeg


image: IMG1841.jpeg


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The Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont has this press. We print on it every day and absolutely love it. It is a beautiful little press that is a joy to print on. It came to the museum with the printer, Brad Brownell. He had a shop in Chelsea, Vermont and brought this with him to the museum in the mid 1980s. I can dig a little deeper and find out where Brad Brownell got it from.

Thanks Heather, Would love to see a photo. Is yours a Rotary No.1 or #=No.2? Thanks Julie