Numbering Machines - various

Several lots of numbering machines, some are NOS, some appear lightly used. All of them advance when the plunger is depressed, and seem to be functional unless otherwise noted. Asking prices are based on recent sales of same or similar machines, but make me your best offer for any/all!

Shipping will be determined per transaction keeping it as economical as possible. These all are sold as-is and are in good used condition to the best of my knowledge unless otherwise noted.

LOT A 3 Type 5B Falsing, reverse, roman $90
LOT B 2- Sunum Rex Model E Gothic, Forward $45
LOT C 4 - Atlantic, gothic, forward, 12pt (leibinger?) $100
LOT D 2 - Wetter, 5 digit, nonpareil 1, Roman, forward, 14pt/12pt $40
LOT E 1 - American Blue Boy Model 6, roman, fwd, 14pt/14pt $25
LOT F 5 - BOXES ONLY “Bimatic H seven diamond” FREE WITH PURCHASE
LOT G American Proof Block 6 digit, roman $25
LOT H 1 - Wm. A. Force “SuperFroce” 6 digit, roman, reverse; 1- Wm. A. Force “ultraForce” 5 figit, roman, reverse $45
LOT I 2 - Count micro (2px5p) numbering machines, 2x5 *stiff, couldn’t get rotation or move plunger - need cleaning $40
LOT J 2 - Leibinger reverse, gothic, slide “no.” (both appear unused, wheels turn, plunger stiff. anit-rust coating?) $80
LOT K 2 - NIB Atlas forward, roman $50
LOT L 2 - Wetter, fwd, roman (both move easily, well used.) $35
LOT M 1 - Atlas NIB, unused. 1 - Atlas, used. $75

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