Vintage Printing Equipment

VINTAGE PRINTING ITEMS—We have 5 items left to sell and/or give away. All items located in central Wisconsin (Loyal, WI)
**The CP Electric Paper Cutter is very heavy (2100 lbs) and would need equipment for moving and transporting. FREE to whomever can move & transport it out. It works!
The remaining items have prices after description (or best offer). Buyer is responsible for moving and transporting—
**Type Cabinet with Foundry type, includes different fonts and sizes range from 10 to 72 Pt.—$800
**Kluge Press, Hand-fed, also used for Die cutting, missing 1 roller,—$250
**Metal Cutting Saw was used for cutting off end of slugs—$75
**Kenro Camera, produces film. Used for Silk Screening or Off-Set printing—$75 Contact me at [email protected]

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