Heidelberg windmill die cutting forme supplier

Looking for recommendation of a UK supplier of cutting formes for a Heidelberg windmill?

Also, can anyone confirm (assuming jacket is used) that blade height should be 22.80 and crease height 22.30? Or would you suggest 23.8 and 23.3? Apologies for my ignorance, still all very new to me.

Thanks in advance.

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Page 71 of Heidelberg booklet for pressmen.
‘Before ordering a forme the quantity of work to be produced must be accurately calculated. In die cutting work the machine cannot be used to the limit of its capacity.

To cut .012” card the machine must exert a thrust of 220lbs, while scoring and creasing requires a force of 140lb per inch of line.
This means that a 10 x 15 must not cut more than 200” in total and a 13 x 8 not more than 315”.

For example. a folding box to be cut along 40” of line and scored along 20” will require a force of 40 x 220 + 20 x 140 = 11,600 lbs per box.

A 10 x 15 can take this load 4 times and a 13 x 8 eight times.

Page 71 of Heidelberg booklet for pressmen.
1. remove forme rollers.
2. remove packing and packing bars.
3. replace packing with cutting plate (.032” thick) with 2 or sheets of paper underneath to bring up to (.040”).
4. set printing pressure to zero before die-cutting is commenced.

Page 73 of the booklet
The forme maker should be given a sample of the material to be cut.

‘This is important for determining the difference between cut and scored lines: with thin material this difference is only .008” but with very thick material should be up to .024’