Happily ever after

Two of our members have seen the knife this past week and I can report on one of them, Paul Moxon, who underwent heart surgery Wednesday. He called me this morning from his hospital bed to report that he had made it through alive, that he was scheduled to be released Monday, and our conversation was cut short because they had come to take him for his first walk. He sounded good.

The other person underwent serious surgery as well a week ago Wednesday. I don’t have a report on him as of right now. Then I spent part of the day in the emergency room yesterday but that bit of fun, and endless waiting, turned out well and I’m back at work. This getting old is getting in the way of the pursuit of life and our interests in such things as letterpress.

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Hi Fritz - spring has been tough this year - I believe the second person you referenced posted to another letterpress list saying that the surgery had been successful so far, but there would be a fair amount of adjustment. Outlook seems positive anyway, and he seemed to be in good spirits. I hadn’t heard about Paul - thank you for letting us know, and I hope you are feeling better too - try to stay out of the hospital, there are sick people in there!

Good to hear from you Fritz, best wishes to you! I turned 65 recently, and am starting to feel my age…

Thanks for giving us the update on Paul! I had been hoping his surgery went well. Good to hear PT is getting him up and walking.

Glad all is o.k. Thanks Fritz.

A little up date on Paul. I just talked to him, he walked again today, and still scheduled to go home Monday. He’s full of pain killers and other drugs. He is looking forward to 12 weeks of recovery time. He was answering printing questions up to the day before he went in for surgery. He’s very lucky to have caught his condition in time.

I just heard from our other printer on the mend. Greg Walters is now home from the hospital after some rather extensive mouth surgery for cancer. He was already at sorting type though it took him several hours to drink a couple of ounces of water. He will have to learn to talk and eating is a while away. What he and Paul went through is quite an ordeal, but I am so pleased that their desire to continue on is solid.