Heidelberg Windmills 10x15, 13x18

Collection of well-loved, well maintained windmills for sale in the Los Angeles area. Presses sold individually or as a collection.

These presses were used to produce specialty greeting cards and stationery exclusively for PAPYRUS stores and they are ready to make the letterpress dreams come true for someone new! The presses are still connected to power if you want to see them run. Presses are located in a dock-high warehouse. Buyer is responsible for loading and transport.

2 10x15 Red Ball Windmills ($5000 each)
1 10x15 Red Ball Windmill with Foil Attachment ($6500)
1 13x18 Windmill Factory Foiler ($12,500)

Additional photos available upon request.

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image: 1015FOIL1.jpg


image: 1015FOIL2.jpg


image: 1015FOIL3.jpg


image: 1015FOIL4.jpg


image: 1015Windmill2.jpg


image: 1318FOIL.jpg