wood type ID

I thought I knew this type face as Page’s No. 508 but after consulting R.R. Kelly’s book I see that 508 is more condensed than this set. With a close look at the actual type it is clearly one of Page’s die-cut fonts: the cut marks visible and the company name and patent information stamped on the shoulder (of the cap. “V” instead of the “A”). If anyone could help me with the identity of this set I would very much appreciate it!


image: woodtype.jpg


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I believe that it is Page’s No. 507. There was a reprint of Page’s “New Process Wood Type,” that you might find available; it was published by American Life Books, Box 349, Watkins Glen, NY 14891 The cover title was, “Late Victorian Wood Types, Borders and Ornaments.”

Dave Greer

Thank you Dave! This information is very much appreciated.

Jim Jereb

The face shown by Jim Jereb is clearly bolder that the one that you show from Kelly’s book, as No. 508. Therefore I identified it as No. 507 as shown by Page in his specimen. Generally, the numbers increased from bolder to narrower but even in the Page specimen some are incorrect.

Dave Greer