Motorized Dickerson Combination Press and other equipment

I am in the process of closing my mothers estate and have now moved to her studio. One major item is a Motorized Dickerson Combination Press from the ’80s. It and all of her tools are in excellent condition and were well cared for.

This press is located in Studio City, CA

The press includes the Dickerson metal table stand, Based on my memory, I believe the base is approximately 72” long and 38” wide.

I believe the press bed is 27” x 48” x ¾” (will confirm later this week). She has a set of blankets and the benelux is in great condition.

I believe the steel drive roll is 4 ½” x 27 inches, and printing roll is 4 ½” x 24 inches.

The press weighs about 400+ lbs, and with table and bed the weight is over 500 lbs.

I have various other printmaking tools, supplies and a collection of paper (still taking an inventory, but this includes several rollers, mats, hot plate, hand tools, etc. I am assuming her inks and chemicals are old and maybe not usable).

I will be taking a full inventory over the next week and will be taking photos of when is there.

Best price would be to someone who can pick this up, but I would be willing to negotiate delivering in the So Cal area.

If you have potential interest in this, have questions, contact me through


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