Litho Press Question

I am happy to have found a lithography press in a barn, covered under a pile of homeowner belongings. It seems to be partially disassembled and it was difficult to get to and impossible to fully photograph without a good deal of work happening soon. On the top of the pressure bar, it says “Yost & Cash New York.” I have tried searching for even one photo of what this should look like fully assembled, but have not yet had any luck. I know this isn’t a letterpress, but was hoping there may be someone here who also prints litho and may have some knowledge. It looks to be a very nice machine, so I’m truly excited for its future. Thank you for any help given. I appreciate it.

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I have two photos for reference but an unable to attach them.

I have taken apart and reassembled a couple of Fuchs and Lang style litho presses and might be able to help. I am sure there are folks on here with more experience than me. Can you post a link to the pics?

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Just an echo of what Steve G. posted: I have worked with, disassembled, moved, printed with, etc. many different makes of litho. presses. Have to admit that I have not heard of the one you mentioned finding in a barn. Cool. Sure would like to see a photo of the press and will be happy to help with any information I can give you!


Thank you Steve and Jim. I will reach out once get it out of the barn. I may need some advice. It’s a solid machine.