Type cabinets, matching cases, steel imposing stone, more!

Remainder of letterpress shop needs new home. On offer:

-Incredible Hamilton steel imposing stone/table with galley storage on one side and furniture storage on the other. Best offer and we’re flexible.

Three beautiful Hamilton wooden double cabinets with matching drawers. See pics for details. Most cases are blanks but there are 8 or 9 Cali cases in one cabinet. Type included in the sale (pedestrian faces). Use the blank drawers for wood type, tools, and flat storage. $800 each OBO. (Cabinet #1 SOLD, 2 and 3 still available>

Ludlow caster. Electric. Will accept best offer…don’t be shy.

Single quarter case cabinet, full of ornaments. These are hard to find but make a reasonable offer.

Single cabinet furnished with letterboards. Letterboards are extremely thick wooden boards engineered to withstand incredible amounts of flat storage weight without sagging. This cabinet might also be under-used for flat storage. $200 OBO

There is also a 100 tier galley cabinet. $20 including all available galleys.

Note that the Poco no. 0 you see in the pics has been sold, as have some other small items you may see in the picture noise.

Pickup in Strongsville, OH. No forklift on site. You’ll need to bring equipment to move and load the imposing stone. I MIGHT be willing to help with that for a fee if you are able to pick up by end of June.

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image: Cab #3.jpg

Cab #3.jpg