Can I clean these rollers with mineral spirits?

Now that my press is turning more freely, I would like to actually try to out some ink on the rollers. I have mad some impressions by locking up some type and just dabbing it with a ink stamp pad to see if it transfers to the paper ok.
I haven’t yet loaded up the disk with ink as I am not sure what kind of rollers I have and what to clean them with.

The rollers are sort of a soft reddish material. I seem to remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t use mineral spirits depending on what the rollers are made from.

Can you tell by looking what sort of rollers these are?

image: 63C1EDAA-69D8-4B0B-B053-1DB8569D8048.jpeg


image: 7757596F-1E44-4744-9504-32FFDF9D8BA9.jpeg


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I think your rollers look like rubber, and for that mineral spirits would be OK. Wipe the rollers clean and dry.
Back in the day, composition rollers were best cleaned with kerosene, and any oily residue helped protect where more volatile solvents tended to dry out the composition. At the same point in time, rubber rollers could degrade if any kerosene residue remained after cleaning. I’ve certainly seen glazing where kerosene is the normal roller wash for rubber.
I’d say in the long run, commercial blanket-and-roller wash is worth acquiring.