ISO refurbisher for Kelsey Excelsior N 5x8

I’m a newbie looking to hire someone able to refurbish a tabletop press, ideally someone in the Midwest or Eastern US. I don’t feel experienced enough to fix this little guy up myself. Neither am I confident in my ability to pack it safely for shipping, so I’m hoping to find someone in driving distance of central Ohio. I figure this community will know more about who might be available than Google will (though I am also asking Google).

To my novice eye, it’s in pretty good shape: a bit of rust, a missing chase screw, and bent roller hooks. Missing rollers and trucks. The gripper bar doesn’t turn, but I think everything else does that’s meant to.

Any pointers out there? Thanks!

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i am in Milwaukee, Wis. What kind of time frame are you looking for?

Hi! Within a couple of months would be nice. Is that realistic?

T & T Press Restoration in Hugo, Minnesota. None finer. Market prices. Beautiful work. Nice people. They have a backlog. Call and discuss.

Thanks, inky!