Taking apart a Rosback tabletop perforator

I have a new to me perforator that needs cleaning and adjustment; the perforations are great for about 3” on the right- hand side, the rest are incomplete. There is a sheet metal shim in the cam on the right and I would like to come up with a more elegant solution.

I thought I would be able to take it apart, but every approach seems blocked by something else. The pins must be removable somehow. There must also be springs inside that could pop out, and I want to be able to put it back together!

Pull out the shaft to which the handle is attached? Unscrew something I haven’t found yet? What about the set screws in the base? I can’t find any handy YouTube videos about it and any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Here’s a photo.

image: perforator.jpg


And here’s what the perforations look like from the back.

image: perforations.jpg