Does anyone out there have any perfabase

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I know perfabase has been discontinued, but I am hoping someone in the community has some they want to sell or just get rid of. Looking for 1/8” and 1/4”

Perf-a-base should not be confused with channel creasing matrix. I sell a lot of both product, or did until the maker, Burcor of South County, stopped making the Perf-a-base. I have been considering making it as I have the raw stock on hand, although the adhesive Burcor used eludes me. Maybe I’ll be motivated and I could make a million bucks, along with my other grand schemes.

Hi a regular 2pt perforating steel rule. Taped with paper masking tape works fine for me. Start with minimum pressure and increase on demand.

The nice thing about perf-a-base was it was narrow enough to run in a mixed form-print and perf at the same time. I’ve printed a lot of raffle tickets that way. Of course perf rule tears up the print rollers, but… the jobs paid for them.

bppayne gets the value of original Perf-a-Base. I’ve used it on both platen and cylinder and its width and flexibility are hard to duplicate. I got my last rolls on eBay.