Old-Style C&P Parts identification and procurement

I need help locating parts for an early old-style 7x11 C&P letterpress. Serial number 681, (circa 1886 to the best of my knowledge.) The inking disc does not seem correct, and I think some parts are missing. Unfortunately, I only have drawings for the C&P new style, which is different.

The disc is 11 inches diameter. The shaft on the disc is 1 inch diameter, the bore in the disc bracket is 1.315 inch diameter. The ratchet cast into the underside of the disc has 5.75 OD and 4.60 ID. The disc has the letters CS-3 cast into it.

A disc lever and pawl came with the press, unattached. The pawl does not align with the ratchet on the underside of the disc, and there is no cam on the roller frame. It appears to me that the cam should be mounted to a hole on the roller frame, but is missing. The small disc gear is present, but there is no large disc gear (And I don’t know what the gears should be attached to.)

1. Is this the wrong disc? (It appears so to me.)
2. If not, is there a bushing that fits between the disc shaft and the disc bracket journal?
3. What is the correct setup of the lever and pawl?
4. Where can I find the missing parts?

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