Windmill lay bar grub screw?

Can anyone help me identify this tiny little screw/pin that helps keep the lay bar in place? I was removing them today and one dropped into oblivion. Now I can’t find it, nor is it listed in the parts manual (or at least not that I can find).

Anyone know what it’s called or where I can get a replacement?


image: IMG_0702.JPG


image: IMG_0703.JPG


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Yep, these little suckers jump or slip out of your fingers very frequently and go down the press, or off to Mexico, or somewhere. See plate U; the part is listed as frisket bar holder grub screw — U-3. Demers or Whittenberg ought to have these often-lost pieces.
If there’s quite a bit of paper in the base of the press, try fishing around from the side of the base, the back, and the hole in the front, with a mechanic’s telescoping magnet. You might get lucky! And, there’s no telling what other long-lost treasures you might recover! (Put a sheet pizza box down on the floor when you lie down to fish around those side ports in the base — and it helps to be left-handed and a bit double-jointed!)
Good luck!

Thanks Frank for the reference. I searched around but couldn’t find it, so I hope it’s happy wherever it ended up. Hoping I’ll find one to replace it!


Nick, if still need one, send me an address and I will send you one, no charge. Bud

Bud that would be amazing and would save me a bunch of hassle. Even sourcing a part number has been rather difficult so I appreciate the offer.

We are at:
Iron Curtain Press
5030 York Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Nick, I dropped it off at the post office today @ 3:00 Bud

Bud, Thanks so much for the help!

Bud, Thanks so much for the help!

Glad to be of service, Bud

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