Help needed to cast 2 pt rule on Monotype Supercaster

The Printing Museum New Zealand runs a type foundry and is having trouble producing 2 pt rule. As you can see from the photos, we are getting “bursts” of rule but the bursts don’t “stick” to their neighbours we end up with piles of bursts

The metal is hot enough and everything is clean.

All suggestions welcome, including, potential sources of advice.

image: IMG2260half.jpg


image: IMG2261half.jpg


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Check coolant flow, thoroughly clean mould, and shorten pull. Metal composition can also present problems. Accurate metal temperature is critical to success as well. 2pt.can prove difficult at the best of times. :o)

P.S. Is the mould properly lubricated?

Thank you, Forme.
I will pass on your comments and come back if the operator needs to know more about shortening the “pull”.

Hi Roger; as you know, there are a thousand things that could be adjusted, but here are a few thoughts …

- check that the front clamp is holding tight enough. If the front cast isn’t being held firm, then the pressure of the next cast will just push it slightly away without fusing.

- check caster speed. sometimes increasing by one gear will do it, depending on what quality of metal you’re using.

- from the photos, at least some of the casts are incomplete, which could be a few things: the mould may not be warmed up enough; the duplex spring pressure may not be high enough; the piston may be sticking (or may be too loose); the pump body may need cleaning; the timing of the pump body rise may need adjusting; the nozzle may need drilling; wrong nozzle fitted.

- which reminds me - are you definitely using the right nozzle, and has it been drilled to the correct diameters from each end? Casting narrow leads on the Super absolutely needs the right nozzle, as the design of the interior channels sprays metal in a wide cone, rather than as a straight jet.

That’s off the top of my head; I hope it’s of use. Do drop me an email if you think I might be able to help narrow down the problems. Good luck.