Tempress Hot foil kit for Heidelberg 10x15 any good?

Hello everyone & Happy holidays!! I am looking at possibly getting the Tempress Hot foil kit for my Heidelberg platen.
Does anyone have experience with using this? Cheers

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Where you located

No worries, looks like a scam anyway lol

The Tempress is an amazing foil system for the Windmill. After 30 years of production the manufacturer, Geron of Israel, is discontinuing the product. We have made hundreds of thousands of impressions with our Tempress. Geron will still be supplying parts.

We have a spare Tempress for a 13x18 Windmill available for $6000. Best thing about a Tempress is that it you can still use your press for ink jobs. The Tempress just lifts on and off the press.

Hello ian, I have been using this system for years and it is just wonderful, if you contact me I will show you pictures and I will also explain more in detail this system is simple to operate and very reliable

image: 8DBDBA9F-CA70-4E50-AEAB-351C4DC33517.jpeg


Sounds like it’s a very good unit. I’ll keep my eyes open for one. I only have a 10x15 size presses. I wish I had a 13x18!
Cheers :)

Ian, Happy New Year, and I hope you find a foil unit for your 10 x 15 Windmill. I had both—3 10 bys, and a 13 by. The 10 bys did a majority of our work and is a much easier and faster press to work with. I sold my foil business, but I kept one press for printing which keeps me pretty busy.

My windmill it’s 10x15( like what you see in pictures)