Model 1 Improved Daughaday and equipment

Start your own letterpress business! I had the best intentions, but woodworking is more my style. Selling all as one lot $4,250.

Beautifully restored Daughaday tabletop printing press. New rollers, fully functional. Chase size 5x7.5”. Includes two chases and one custom solid aluminum chase. Boxcar base for photopolymer plates. I also have some PP plates if you want to experiment

Type cabinet with 17 fonts, 3 drawers of wood type. I can provide a list of fonts if interested.

Two bins: one piled type and one metal furniture

Other boxes of type, digbats and boarders purchased separately

19 cans of ink

Slug/border miter machine/cutter. Currently disassembled from shipping

15” wide roll Tympan paper

Challenge paper cutter w/ 24” SHARP blade. (Heavy)

20 sheets 100% cotton paper 92# parent sheets 26x40” Also two 8x11 packages of cotton paper.

Letterpress furniture cabinet with lockup furniture.

More pictures available, just ask. If it’s listed it’s still available. Listed on multiple sites. I would prefer to sell as one lot, but would consider parting out items if requested.

Local pick up. Everything is ground floor for easy loading.

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