Rollers not “Married” to the Trucks?

Aside from the obvious “buy different trucks” - is there any way to fix roller skid?

The rollers rotate fine on the ink disk, but aren’t rolling properly over my plate (giving me uneven inking/banding which is inconsistent from impression to impression). I *think* this is because the trucks are very loose and wobbly on the roller cores.

Is there a creative solution? Or am I stuck having to buy new trucks?

(attempting) printing on a Franklin Gordon old style 8x12


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Without seeing this press, it’s hard to determine exactly what is happening. The trucks should be keyed to the roller core and the keys should prevent most circular motion that the rollers don’t follow. Suggest that you “mike” the roller cores to find out the diameter and then determine the diameter of the bores in the trucks. A very small amount of play is good, but slop-and-flop is bad. Another thing: if keyed cores, and very old die-cast trucks are used, the keyway may be worn internally where it can’t be seen, and the result would be similar to the symptoms that you have described.
The trucks sound like culprits to me; I would recommend that you replace them. Just be certain that there’s nothing wrong with the cores, i.e., they’re straight, level and not worn. And be sure they match perfectly for size.
Just keep printing!

Roller Bearers may help. They give the rollers direct contact with a surface the entire height of the chase.

All of the comments here are spot on. If you do have some play between the trucks and the roller cores one simple temporary fix is to jam a copper or brass thin space between the roller core and the center of the truck. This can help the roller from moving and causing the type of slur you are encountering.

After years of fighting this problem with Morgan expansion trucks and older rollers, I treated myself to new rollers and trucks from Todd’s Press Time. Best thing I ever did for my press and my printing.
good luck,
Good Luck,