C&P New Style 8x10 in KC

My dad is selling his project press and needs to get it out of his shop within the next few weeks. (They’re selling their house in North Kansas City, MO) Despite being in pieces, it seems like all parts are accounted for except for rollers or a motor or treadle. Please note that one of the bolts “for the side arm to the gear cam” (his description) is damaged: see pics.

This press would be a perfect restoration project or parts press. If I had the right equipment to lift the platen back onto its base, I would have taken it myself years ago. Asking best offer and buyer arranges removal. (It’s on the ground floor level, no stairs.)

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image: 39189A2D-3F6A-4CD4-BED8-AE427C40C589.jpeg


image: B6BAD769-6EAC-4F5D-9711-DD80A9431BB1.jpeg


image: 5E6E2E08-F076-4A09-AF94-75177C2433B1.jpeg


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