Copy press parts?

Does anyone know what the name of the part(s) is/are for this copy press, and where I might be able to get the replacements? I think it may be called a shaft key, but I’m not certain, and haven’t a clue if I can even find a replacement.

image: 12E71EF3-6E01-4B5F-A516-8EE8B9969CD1.jpeg


image: 927D4CDC-F5B3-446C-BCA9-3B8CF70AE0A5.jpeg


image: A097E781-EFF9-44DF-8DE7-318AE2B50B9A.jpeg


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My guess is that it was something like a large flat washer with an old-fashioned key-hole-shaped hole, with the slot of the keyhole the width of the narrow section and centered on the washer, and and the round part the diameter of the end of the screw shaft., and with three holes for the screws to hold it in place. Sketch to follow.

Make the dimensions to match the press parts. It looks like this is all you need to make it work, including the three machine screws to attach it which you should be able to get at a hardware store. NOTE: the disc should be a bit less thick than the narrow section of the screw. You will have to make one — no off-the-shelf replacement parts for a 100-year-old press!

image: Copy Press platen retainer.jpg

Copy Press platen retainer.jpg

There are many YouTube videos of people taking apart and restoring these presses. Some will show enough to back-figure the missing retainer, which may be in two pieces.

Here is one method of connection for the screw-to-the-platen, shown from below. The piece which couples the drive screw to the platen is held in place with a press-fit flange. Good luck with your project!

The second example shows a split ring that holds the end of the drive screw in place. Speaking of screws, use a thread gauge to check size, number and pitch of what kind of bolt you will need to attach to the platen. 19th century thread patterns don’t always match up to standardized stuff of today.


image: cpoypresstwo.jpg


image: copypressone.jpg


Whoops! Sorry, my two photos are in the wrong order: the second photo should be the first. Jim

Thank you so much for the info!