Will these Brancher offset inks work for letterpress?

Hi there,

Wondering if these inks will work for letterpress? I’m printing with wood type on a Lutz Atlantic proofing press. Here is the link to the kijiji post where this person is selling them. It seems like a really good price but I’m wondering if these inks will be suitable for my needs. I’m fairly new to letterpress and I’ve read that most offset inks will work but just wanted to run these past you folks before i buy and apply these to my type and run them through the press.


Thanks folks :)

image: EBD0E30A-E1D1-4EA5-9A3F-3150749E1B6A.jpeg


image: 0F87EEB6-DFED-4124-9E7E-9D170A84508F.jpeg


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Offset ink almost always works on Letterpress, but it is usually more concentrated color-wise than is letterpress ink. And it might need an opaque white ground to knock down the masstone. Not knowing anything about these products, they might be a trifle too tacky for something the size of wood type, but they should be easily reduced to suit the conditions. Just remember that in letterpress you are putting about three — or more — times as much ink on your press as would be carried on an offset press!
If you can try some, you would better be able to make a good decision on the suitability.
Just Keep Printing!

If Brancher doesn’t work out—I’m getting excellent results using “New York Supplies” offset inks, on eBay. Great inks, priced right, and returns accepted.