Missing part on Old Style Gordon?

Hi all,

First, let me apologize in case I am misusing terminology when referring to the press. I am new to this and haven’t had much luck looking online for similar versions of our press, though I have seen a couple threads on here about old style Gordons, to which ours looks similar.

We recently bought a Gordon and I’m wondering if there is a part missing that is required to help the ink disc rotate. At present, the pawl is attached to a cylinder that runs along the roller frame, but just barely sits atop it. After awhile, it will slip off the frame, presumably because it is not designed to in the first place. The inside of the roller frame looks like it was designed to have a ramp of some kind bolted to it. I’ve seen another Old Style Gordon, but the roller frame was different and it had a ramp, or track for the cylinder to run along. I’ve attached a picture where I think the part in question should be.

Presumably, if there is a part missing it will be next to impossible to find a replacement. Given that, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can address this problem so the disc rotates?

image: rollerframe_edit.JPG


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Can you post a few more photos? Maybe one from the top and one from the side of the press?

I would have initially posted multiple photos, but I can only get the one to post, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Here is a link to some additional photos from the angles you requested.


Yeah… it’s definitely missing a part. There was a curved ramp that would attach to the inside of that frame. I’ve never owned one of these exact machines, but it’s unique in that most later machines had the ramp cast into the roller frame.

I’ve attached a photo I found online to show you what the ramp piece would look like. It’s not a great photo, but it’ll give you an idea should you choose to fabricate the part (which would be far easier than finding an original piece).

Good luck!

image: gordon.jpg


Thanks Bradley. Yeah, the other example I found had something similar, but it was cast into the roller arm, as you say. Appreciate your input.

There don’t seem to be any bolt holes visible for an add-on cam. Are you certain that this arm belongs on this side? I have seen one put together from pieces that had an arm that didn’t belong. All C&Ps, though; this one isn’t. An add-on cam should be easy enough to fabricate, for anyone with a little mechanical know-how.
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Looks like there might be a couple of bolt holes hiding in the shadows. But very hard to tell for sure.

There are bolt holes for sure, and a lip on the inside of the roller arm that seems to indicate that a cam was supposed to be there. The hole near the nameplate does not go through to the other side of the roller arm, though the other hole does(although it is concealed by the spring on the outside of the arm). These holes are not on the other(left) roller arm, so I’m confident that it is supposed to be on the right side of the press.