Vandercook SP15 for sale

After almost 10 years with my beautiful press, I’ve decided to sell my Vandercook SP15. It’s been a wonderful press to me and helped me grow my business. After having a family, I haven’t been able to print and take on work as I used to. I know that these presses are special and it deserves to be used and enjoyed to carry on the tradition of letterpress.

I bought the press in 2013 from a print shop in PA which was being sold off entirely after the owner passed away. He had bought it brand new so I’m only the second owner. When I purchased it, it hadn’t been used in about 20-30 years. I recored the rubber rollers and cleaned it and brought it back to working condition. I’m very thorough when cleaning the rollers and it was recently scrubbed clean to remove any residue. It’s press ready and waiting to be put back into regular use!

The serial number is 26058. The press comes with a 16”x12” Boxcar Grid Base, lock up bar, some quoins and key, a box of old tympan sheets and a newer stack I bought as well, two roller setting gauges, and few assorted letterpress things that I purchased over the years.

Here are some additional specs from Letterpress Commons:

I’m asking for $13,000. Press is currently in a home studio on the ground floor in a suburb on the south shore of MA (about 40 minutes outside of Boston, MA and 30 minutes from Providence, RI). Buyer will need to coordinate and hire a mover for the press. Sold as-is, all sales final. Cross posting the ad in a few places so if you are interested, please let me know immediately. Hoping to find the right buyer as soon as possible, but want to make sure it goes where it will be used and loved as much I did!

***Please Note: I am also selling my Challenge Paper Manual Guillotine. Happy to sell both to the same buyer or separately to two.

***Please contact me for photos of press. For some reason I am unable to upload them here!

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