Heidelberg Red Ball

Heidelberg Red Ball Letterpress

Price Is Negotiable - We need to have equipment out of our space as soon as possible and are entertaining all reasonable offers.

Looking for a good home for this Heidelberg Red Ball. I can’t completely vouch for it’s operational as far as the roller system goes, but all other parts are oiled and functional. We have successfully printed a single color job on this press from metal type locked up in the chase, using the automatic feed and drop, but due to our lack of experience on how to set up automatic inking, we simply inked up the ink disc and ran it that way. Pressure was even and small adjustments were easy.

Photos are attached. Feel free to respond with any questions.

Reason for sale:

The Open Press, a non-profit community letterpress and book arts shop, is moving to a new shop space and therefore downsizing. We’re looking to sell a few larger items that have seen infrequent use over the past 5-10 years. We’d use funds from these sales to build our collection of type and support programming like public workshops, art shows and events.

Our space is located at 1271 Market St. | Suite B | Chattanooga, TN | 37402

We have a large pull-up garage door on the ground level and a truck can back directly into the shop and up to the items for pick-up.

Feel free to reach out with questions or ideas on who might benefit or make good use of this equipment.

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