Letterpress stuff

Happy New Year to all. I have recently acquired a Vandercook Universal 1 (S/N 21819). This is a big “Yipppeee!!!” for me. At this point, however, I have no cabinets, type cases, type (metal or wood), furniture, leading, reglets, quads, quoins, coppers, quoin keys, etc. But I am definitely in the market for such things. Do any of you have letterpress furniture, type, or equipment that you no longer have room for? Or, do you know of someone who wants to sell a type or galley tray cabinet - or any other letterpress stuff? If so, I am your guy. Please keep me in mind as you move through your printing life in 2023. Any leads (pun intended) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much . As a start, I am especially looking for Challenge Hi-Speed quions and a key - and type cabinets and cases.

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