Chandler & Price 10x15 New Series

10x15 Chandler & Price Press

Asking $2,000 OBO

Press is in excellent working condition. I use the treadle and hand feed, but it does have a belt and nice motor that needs just needs a little electrical work if you want to use that.

Comes with:
- 2 chases
- boxcar base
- quoins
- lots of ink
- 3 rollers
- paper
- envelopes
- all tools to get started printing today!

I created a small stationery business with this press where I printed stationery, wedding invitations, business cards, etc. It was my baby and I sad to see this go but am transitioning to other endeavors right now.

You can check out some of what I’ve done with it on my instagram page:

Located in the McCall, Idaho area.

I am happy to refer you to the people that helped me move it very easily with a forklift & trailer. It is easy access in a ground-level garage.

Please email me with any inquiries or questions at [email protected]

I have a lot more pictures and video I’m happy to send over.

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