French American Beaudoin Etching Press (36” x 60” bed)

Lightly used French American Beaudoin press (36” x 60” bed) in excellent condition. This is a large, solid and reliable Intaglio press. Outside measurements are 53” wide (including the wheel) x 66” long. When fully extended, the press bed rolls approximately 24” further on each end.
American French Tool presses have the reputation of being the world’s finest etching presses. Designed and built by Andre Beaudoin for over 25 years, these fine presses are now manufactured by Conrad Machine Company of Whitehall, Michigan. Utilizing solid steel rolls and heavy steel frames, American French Tool presses are the only presses many printmakers will use to print exacting heavy pressure photogravure prints.
These presses can be used for printing etching, type high wood blocks, collographs, and monotypes. The press bed plate has carefully designed safety devices to prevent the bed from coming off the press. Almost the entire length of the press bed can be used.

The press comes with a collection of blotter paper and a set of six blankets of varying sizes (from 18” x 36” to 28” x 54”). The press has been fitted with sturdy wooden skids attached to the bottom of the press so it can be winched up onto a flatbed truck for easy transportation. It is currently in an art studio in Santa Cruz, California.

This press was owned and briefly used in the late 1980’s by Page Smith, one of America’s greatest historians. In his mid-60’s, as professor emeritus and retired Provost of Cowell College at UCSC in Santa Cruz, California, he created a series of bird and bone etchings on the press. Upon his death, his daughter inherited the press but never used it and it has been stored in her studio for the last 28 years.

This press is for sale for $10,500 (new this press sells for $16,770).

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