Poco Press tympan tutorial notes gone?

Neal Giroux had a terrific set of instructions for adding a tympan assembly to a Poco cylinder proof press. I’d seen it only several weeks ago and I was about to send the link to a friend w/a Poco but it turns out the site was one of the “Google Classic sites” which are no longer supported by Google.


Have these pages been resurrected elsewhere?


My thx to anyone able to bring me up to date.

Calvert Guthrie
Kansas City

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The Internet Archive has it, but unfortunately only the text is there - none of the reference images were saved:


Old Town Press
Staten Island, NY

Thanks, James!

The text & images are showing up for me.


I built one for my Poco 0 which was used to print an edition of 50 copies of a 350 page book a page at a time. I made a tympan and frisket that is hinged to the long side of a 10x15 C&P chase locked on the bed of the Poco with a flat sheet of stainless steel that is galley-thickness. I covered the tympan with heat-shrinkable Kover-All from SIG and used Henry guides. Pix available if desired. The tympan is himged on the side so that an impression can easily be made in either direction of the bed.


Neal Giroux posted two photos of his frisket here: https://vandercookpress.info/poco-0-with-tympan-and-frisket/

Weird! In my Firefox they are broken links, but in Chrome they are fine. Must be an adblocker issue or something on my part. Glad that everything was saved by the Wayback Machine.