Lock Out on Windmill

I’ve owned and operated a Heidelberg Black Ball 10x15 for years but never ran a Heidelberg Red Ball. I am filling in for a hospitalized friend. My first day I tried to get the lock out to work
but the press would go round once and the rollers would start up again. I pulled the rollers out of the press and ran the jobs they
needed, replaced rollers and went back to my shop.
Would like to know how to accomplish this basic task.
Any info appreciated.

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see attached image from the manual.

image: lockouts.png


Guess I should have figured that is what that lever was.
I think the similarity(spelling?) and proximity of the handles made me think the locking lever was part of the ink clean-up mechanism.
Thanks for the information.
Mike H.

Mike, the lockouts are the best improvement in my opinion, it’s really a big time saver. Happy to help!