Magnets for Typeholding, Printing or Galley Storage

I acquired a number of magnets and I would like to sell off the extras…these are new magnets that came from an engraving company and these have worked well for me in galley storage and also for holding type on the flatbed press for printing or proofing.

The small magnets are 5/16 thick/deep, 13/16 tall and 1” wide; the larger magnets are 15/16 deep, 5/16 tall and 2” wide. The smaller magnets have removable outer metal plates and the larger magnets have a fixed metal channel. I have had good success with the larger ones on press.

Small magnets are $1.95 each and the large magnets are $2.95. I can mail these at cost in a padded mailer which would probably be a few dollars depending on what you buy.

Please let me know of interest or if you have any other questions.

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