8 Line French Antique

I have recently purchased a fount of unidentified 8 line (French Antique?) and wondered if anyone had any ideas what it could be? I purchased this from a seller in the UK so I am presuming it was originally made in the UK but I could be wrong!

Unfortunately there was no makers mark on any of the caps A so I’m scratching my head with this one. There’s a few rogue letters in there but by and large it is all one face.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Images here:



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I think you stated the answer in your question. It’s French Antique of British origin - dead giveaway is the £ pound sign. Also looks like it might be face grain (instead of end grain) - face grain is more common from British fonts in my experience. Many fonts are not marked - this is a reality of the fun of wood type.

Enjoy printing with it!