Disassembled Hamilton double type cabinet

I was gifted this cabinet, which has been disassembled and in storage for at least a few decades. I have never owned or restored one before, and I’m more familiar with cases and type than the cabinets themselves.

Pictures weren’t loading here so this link has them:

I am most stumped by all the tall pieces to the right and the rectangular empty frames, front right. One of the long pieces flat and is the top, I know another piece is meant to be at an angle for composing. I do have some metal brackets as well, outside these photos.

I am struggling to find images of cabinets without cases to help us pull it together. I have a brave father-in-law with woodworking experience but any help, diagrams, catalog images, or photos of empty cabinets would be of great service to us!

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Here is a link to NA Graphics’ Flicker account. Refinished Thompson cabinets from his shop. Sorry, cases are all there.


I didn’t expect to see my cases pictured as the example of what these look like. But I have several including some by Hamilton. I refinished a double Hamilton that was painted very badly applied green. It takes time and patience but a nicely restored cabinet with matching cases is a joy to see and a pleasure to set type from. What may be missing from spottyboy’s cabinet parts is the hardware necessary to assemble these. No glue is used but the parts are held together mechanically. This is the way these were shipped from the factory to the printer. And a nicely applied stain and a gloss varnish would make this cabinet come to life.

I own one of these. It is a great cabinet! I have moved it three times. Twice it needed to be disassembled. If you need to ask any questions, please contact me off list and I will help however I can.