Britannia platen press top piece

My Britannia platen press came without a top piece, I’m looking to locate another press of a similar size which has a top piece which I could borrow and have a duplicate made.
According to records I’ve seen the size is Super Royal.

Any information regarding the location of another such press would be gratefully appreciated.

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Platen press or hand press? Super Royal is pretty big for a platen jobber. I am trying to visualize the “top piece”. I don’t have a Britannia recorded for you in the Worldwide Hand Press database - but the ornamental top piece on a Britannia is an intricate casting. According to the database the Gainesborough House Museum in Sudbury has one.


Platen press by B Porter of Leeds 1830-1840 similar to the Albion press, seems to have incorporated elements from the Columbian platen press.
Top piece is as you say is an ornate casting, as yet to locate one which still has it in place, but I hope to eventually find one.

The casting may be a different size on different-size presses. The photo I have of the press at the Gainesborough House Museum shows that press has that top ornament. I do not know if the size is the same as your missing one - the only way to know is measure the place on your press where the base of the ornament rests and see if it is the same. I also do not know if you could borrow theirs, but maybe take a cast of it in plaster or rubber molding material at their site? I do not think you will find an original replacement anywhere - the presses were not very common. Would you please send me a photo of your press that I can compare with others I have?