Large proof press for sale: F.A.G. Control 835

F.A.G. cylinder proof press from the late 1950s, currently located in Switzerland. Fully functional, clean and serviced: ready to print. No wear on bearers (under and upper!). Comes with one set of brand new rollers. F.A.G. proof presses are known to be among the best ones ever made. This older F.A.G. has been produced in Singen, Germany. Especially these large size F.A.G. proof presses are very rare to find.

Maximum forme: 825×640mm (32.4×25.2“)
Maximum paper: 835×680mm (32.8×26.7“)
Weight: 1800kg (4000lbs)
Floor Space: 150×250cm (4’11“×8’2“)

The press runs on 3-phase (380V) and is currently equipped with a 3 phase Swiss Type T15 plug. To my knowledge, it is not possible to convert it to 2-phase, as it would be missing the needed torque. The pressbed is on Didot height (23.56mm = 0.928in). But the packing and rollers heights can be adjusted and changed to UK/US height.

+ the press is complete and fully functional
+ cleaned and adjusted, ready for printing.
+ one set of rollers (which will be recovered before the sale, in the photo you see the old rollers)
+ brand new lockup bar that locks in several positions on the pressed
+ the press has a newer, original F.A.G. two-speed motor. The original ink drum motor was worn out and therefore replaced. The original motor for this press was a one-speed motor. Later F.A.G.s had two-speed motors for faster inking up and faster washup. I built in an original two-speed motor which is a true update to the press.
+ washup unit (blade) is clean and fully functional
+ brand new plexiglass cover made from thick 5mm PET

What you need to know:
–Unlike other presses this size, this press does not have any auto-return function. So you have to send back the cylinder after each proof by turning the main switch.
–The steel surface of the blank cylinder has a scratch about 12 centimeters long. This must be from a die-cutting accident. This will not ever affect your printing quality, since it will be completely covered by the cylinder packing of the press. But I just want to be transparent about it. Please see the last photos before the packing options.

This is a ≈60+ year old printing press. It has been professionally cleaned, serviced and tested, but not fully refurbished or repainted. However, I offer 12 months of warranty for the mechanics (besides careless behaviour) and I will help you solve mechanical problems in that time for free—as much as it is possible from wherever you are. However, I cannot take warranty for electrical issues or motor issues—but on this press there is not much electric wiring or switches anyways.

Asking price: 12’000.00 CHF

Packing and shipping:
The press is currently located in Switzerland. It can be tested here at any time. I will provide some type and ink for testing and I’ll make you a nice cup of tea while you take your time testing the press. I prefer local pickup in Switzerland. But I am experienced in shipping presses worldwide. I have shipped around 15 proof presses world wide over the past decade. I will obviously also provide all the needed documents for international shipping.

This is a big and heavy proof press, packing options are more expensive than for smaller proof presses.

Packing option O)
No packing (only for direct shipping or personal pickup). A press this size can be shipped via direct truck (no unloading at logistic centers) within Europe. For that, no packing is needed. The press will be loaded with a forklift and unloaded at your location with a local forklift.

Packing option A)
Custom-built pallet floor. I can manufacture a custom-built pallet floor (bigger than the press) and properly strap it on for pick-up. This comes at an extra of CHF 600.00 including strong straps. This option is only safe for direct door to door transportation by a trusted shipping company or even better personal pick-up. Not recommended for shipping through several logistic centers. (I can send you photos of this packing option)

Packing option B):
Custom-built closed shipping crate. If you want to have it shipped internationally by a shipping company, I can make a custom-built closed shipping crate, including corrosion protection. This packing option comes at an extra of CHF 1200.00 including the straps and everything. So far, I never had any problems with international shippings in these crates. The presses all came in the way I sent them out. (I can send you photos of this packing option).

Before you write and ask for an international shipping quote—I am experienced in shipping presses internationally and I am happy to quote international shipping for you, but please be aware: shipping a press internationally is going to be quite pricy.

Direct transports within Europe:
Shipping door-to-door, no unloading or changing of truck: a press this size within Continental Europe will be within 1500.00—2500.00 CHF, depending on the distance. This does not include any custom fees.

Intercontinental transports:
For intercontinental transports, I would only use packing option C! Shipping it from Switzerland to any city in the USA would be around 4500.00–5500.00CHF. This includes shipping to your doorstep, including custom handling, but not any potential custom fees. So with the press itself, the shipping crate and shipping, this will cost you around 17’500–18500 CHF. Plus potential custom fees. Same applies similarly for any other country outside of Europe.

If you are ready, aware of the cost and willing to spend that much money, I am happy to send you a real quote (for shipping) and start the conversation. Then we know for sure and we can start working all the details.

PS: About myself: I am not a press dealer. This is not my profession. But I have been a professional printer for 14 years and I acquired a lot of knowledge servicing and refurbishing proof presses. I have shipped around 15 proof presses of various sizes internationally. I currently do have other good proof presses for sale. Get in contact, if you’re looking for a proof press and willing to pick-up or have it shipped from Switzerland.

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