Triumph 4850 Ideal paper cutter

This Triumph paper cutter has been in use and is a great cutter. I’m selling my letterpress shop, so it must go. No trade-ins on barters, please.

It comes with 2 (!!!) brand new blades, the tools to change out and ship blades for sharpening, and 3 high-quality plastic cutting sticks. You can rotate the sides of these cutting sticks, so not only the one in use will last a long while, but the three brand-new ones will be good for years to come.

The machine can only be operated when both hands are on the buttons far away from the blade, so while it’s a beast of a machine, it’s very safe.

Size of the machine: 29.5 inches wide x 39.25 inches deep x 48 inches tall.

Local pick-up is in Dayton Ohio in a garage, street level for easy truck access/gear loading. I’m cross-promoting on other sites as well so please be patient with response time so I can make sure first come is first served.

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